6 Meter September Results and Report

Hello all

Yet another of our Summer racing series comes to an end, namely the 6’s .

Played out  with equal enthusiasm with  all of you who raced in  these classic yachts over the past months  .

Yesterday was no exception . The course setting was back to a windward/leeward setup again with a few minor `tweaks`by Graeme Harris  along the way  during the day to make the best of the wind direction the racers had to work with .

The  start of the race sequences were somewhat in the lighter winds the helms had  faced but as the day progressed the wind increased to a reasonably good breeze that showed these fine yachts their paces with . Some were too close as was  the case on occasions .

Initial front to runners to shine were Morley Varker ,Graeme Harris and Kevin Boyd with Tim Nicholas chasing hard on their heels . A few `technical call outs` were made to rigs on occasions to keep them in tune. As one does many times over the course of  a race day.

Peter Knightely’s Drisky lost a jib for a while until it was duly fixed to rejoin the fleet numbers .

The R/O John Kiff kept the `over line merchants` in check on many occasions  with Terry Brodie who by the way has made a welcome return to the race team.

We actually were spared an actual rare protest that soon fizzled out  on the preliminary questions stage.

John Kiff and I were relishing the thought of one believe it or not, of conducting this rarity  .No names or pack drill but it was an interesting episode that made good conversation during tea time . It just shows you that the helms concerned were mindful of the rules available to utilise to the best usage  if wronged . .

Back to the ongoing racing .The lead positions were pretty much changing for the leading boats but with some consistent results by Morley Varker sailing JK’s Drisky) who was to the fore looking likely  to take the honours on the day . As the day progressed I was asked to drive one of the yachts in which I had some good fortune in the remaining races .I shall not emulate any more here on that but you will find the overall race positions in the race results to be announced shortly on our own Club webpage and in Terry’s FB page .

We had a rain shower that curtailed a couple of races but it cleared thankfully and the day progressed  . I t well mark the forthcoming weather we face in the coming months ahead when we start all of our Winter Series   .That includes the forthcoming SWD IOM Winter Series at our lake facilities in November.

Before I sign off here I would like to say well done to Dave Kent who came 5th in the Six Metre National at Bournville recently..