6 Metre March Results and Report

This was scheduled to be the second of the combined Race day’s for the 6M and DF95
Fleets. The rather poor weather forecast of strengthening winds and heavy rain deterred
some competitors and resulted in the five 6M’s racing alone.
The Olympic style course was laid by Keith Simmons (DF95) and saw the entrants come to
start line with a variety of rig sizes set. Whilst Morley Varker (57) sported the number 2 rig
and prayed for wind all day, Dain O’Driscoll (58) set his DRSKY with full number 1 rig and
hoped that the forecast was wrong! At times the wind gusted and then dropped across the
lake and each rig was proved to be the right choice. Also, at times the DRSKY designed boats
showed there very quick downwind performance but they were still no match going to
windward against the Ravenna designed 30 (Steve Watts). It wasn’t until race 6 that they
scored wins when 30 faltered after having to do a penalty turn and had an OCS
infringement. With Dain picking up wins in races 6 and 7 it looked like he was riding on a
high and becoming a real threat to the number 30 boat. Graeme Harris with the TIAS design
34 looked to be on a sure second place in race 7 but was caught by the fast tacking 30 going
into the finish. Graeme had struggled all day with the TIAS and seemed to be getting a bit up
close and personal with some of the buoys and was to later retire. Dain was also to have
gear problems forcing him out of the last three races.
As the forecasted wind arrived and Morley Varker (57) started to smile, the number 30 boat
then had a hiccup and decided not to play resulting in two RTD’s. So, Morley took races 9 &
10 with the Tim Nicholas (86) picking up two good second places. In race 11 normal service
resumed for Steve Watts (30) when his win was made somewhat easier as Morley (57) went
sightseeing prior to the start and was very late getting to the line. With only three boats left
and the weather deteriorating, John Kiff the RO sent the boats away to bring the last race in
an enjoyable Series to a close. Thanks to all the race team members who gave up their time
to stand on the lakeside so that others could race.
Next Race – Summer Series – Saturday 6th of April

See you on the start line.
Steve (30)