Classes of Yachts

Our primary yacht class over the years has been the ever popular IOM racing yacht that has had world wide appeal for some decades right now.

We have around 30 of these or near about with an active race fleet of 20 boats that participate in our ongoing and popular Monthly IOM Series.

Some of us travel to other venues in the South West and beyond in some cases.

In recent times and with a highly enthusiastic number of our members have taken on the Dragon Force 650 One-Design yacht as a serious undertaking within the Club’s remit.

They also have a dedicated day to race on so we are delighted and very pleased to see the growth of this blossom within.

Some members have ventured forth to acquire the Dragon Flite 950 yacht another one -design yacht that is to be seen on our lake facilities right now.

They too will be integrated into the Racing program over the new season. The Classic Six Metre Class yacht, one of our cherished classes had been resurrected some time ago with a small but enthusiastic band of helms who meet to race on a specific Saturday.

We can see also a growth factor here in the near future with the revival of this class.

Apparently according to the 6 Mt Class Association and others, we have a sizable fleet to be greatly envied by many.

Other yachts like Marbleheads 10 Raters and the occasional schooner plus a near replica of Drum are to be seen at mainly on our Open Days.