The 6 Metre

Some would say this is a gentlemen’s model yacht with all the beauty and grace of the full-
sized racing yachts on which it is based. The concept of the full size 6 Metre class started in 1907 and it was continually updated, and it enjoyed some time as an Olympic class. In respect of the model yacht they are measured and perform just like the full – size version, they even wobble downwind when over pressed. They are quite heavy and are definitely not speed machines but have an appeal which is hard to resist if you get the opportunity to sail one.
Currently at DMBC there are two distinct types racing, the version which has an integral fin
keel and the other a detachable fin with wing keel. The former type like the Dolphin design
is very elegant on the water and this year the class National Championships will have a new
trophy for the winner of these vintage style boats. The latter type although still with
appealing looks are built with performance in mind. The latest Ravenna, Rococo and
Romanza designs are now predominantly built in carbon fibre with carbon spars to match.
All of the designs have one thing in common and that is that they are only allowed one mast
and main boom. This makes sail selection on a race day important as changing mainsails is
time consuming unless practiced regularly.
Regular series racing takes place on the first Saturday of the month with up to nine boats
competing on an Olympic style course. The 6M’s can be seen at the Club on most
Wednesday’s and free Saturday’s, practicing for what is an important year for both the class
and the club in 2019. With both the South West Area and National Championships at the
club this year interest levels are high with new boats about to hit the water and others
being renovated.
Event dates:– 6M SWD Championship – Saturday 4th of May.
6M National Championships – Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th of September
For more information about the boats, the builders and sailmakers indeed anything 6M
contact: – Locally – Peter Knightly Class Captain DMBC Tel No 01803 782776
For national information – 6 Metre Association – or the MYA
link at