DF 65 1st Summer series Results and Report

` What was to be a new `Trial `venture on our race calendar with the already well established Dragon Force fleet in abundance ,the concept of  two classes namely the aforementioned and the Dragon Flites combining in various  forms that could be viable ,had not taken place due to some lack of support . So I will leave any direct comments off this page until we have gone over the experiment with the actual DFlite helms themselves while they engage with the Committee and specifically Jerry Lock and I who will no doubt have a meaningful conversation or two .

The weather on the day was exceptional to say the least  .Factor 50 was mentioned but restraint was shown by all in covering up ones self.

Back to the actual Dragon Force aficionados ,. 12 boats made the start .The race configuration was once again a windward /leeward course with initially an Easterly wind and its appropriate variants . Top rig on the day gave for some very fast racing over the day,s event . Fine progress by all helms made .here is a compliment to the efforts made by all concerned .

Paul Newman,s efforts in the past  have been well noted as being worthwhile in the making with his promotion.


We had a very welcome guest in our midst namely John White from the Bideford Club to join in our racing. One or two of our regular helms were absent that weekend but no doubt be available for the next race .

The 12 boats as I had said from the very start of the day ,made for some competitive racing especially on the starts themselves . Good to see Martin Smith ,who has been away from the fleet for a while has now  got his starting  sequences into shape with his  better overall results on the day being most pleasing for his efforts .

John Kiff our race starter who had  the task of keeping  his eye on one or two wayward starters without resorting to a general recall  being posted along with Terry Brodie a smooth running day had a pretty smooth time of it without recourse to anyone . By the way, Team Varker were using borrowed boats from JK as a boost to the fleet as a `technical `problem arose prior to getting to the lake itself ..  They both enjoyed themselves from what I can gather over the day .

As time went on ,usually after lunch ,the fleet managed to deplete itself with the usual gear failure or the ubiquitous battery state leaving around 5-6 to sort out the winners slots .The remaining fleet battled on in various order of finishing but with often was the case some swapping positions even on the line as one observed on occasions . Overall we can safely say once again a good entry  for the racers .