DF 65 Winter Series February Results / Report

DF65 Race Report for Saturday 17th:-

After a foggy drive to the lake for most skippers, they gradually arrived in “flocks” just like the landing of a “squadron on geese” onto our lake!
Steve W (RO) with Dave M had made ready all the necessary kit to get the races underway, unfortunately the Dartmoor wind/weather (like a computer) said “No”.
So we waited for the predicted light winds to arrive from the NNW to N direction, eventually it decided to arrive!
So with a simple windward, leeward triangular course set & the control zone on the East bank, the racing finally commenced!
“Team” leader Keith S kicked off with a goal in race 1 being able to read the wind shifts well & with “app loom”, then (R2) going to Neil H, Steve W (R3) & Paul N (R4).
The wind was to be “variable” all day to say the least & these first 4 races caught out many a skipper, with some having no clear idea how each may fair. Also, each race challenged the patience & for some remembering any minor mark changes as for races 5-8 did flounder some, notably Paul N?
Next up we had a sudden flurry from “Team Keith’s” prodigy’s or some may say “maverick” skippers showing some bright sailing in the mixture of gloomy winds, with Joe W (R6) showing skills beyond his age, then a win in (R8) from the ever laid back, young he may say? John E!
During lunch the “wind” had veered to the WNW as it does on Dartmoor at times & the race team had to hurriedly change the course completely, now to be run from the South bank! Oh joy!
The top 3 skippers could now be anyone’s & still many did not know who these might be. This seemed to be because of all the ups & downs within the fleet, with many helms having a the odd frustrating race.
Onto races 9-12, these saw another new “maverick” take to the air, so Luke A, thought of giving us the “bird” particularly for R11 & 13 with wins!
Well done luke!
After race 12 the race team had a lot of head scratching as to wether we should continue, as the wind veered yet again to WSW. This time meant for all skippers to be now on the North bank! Oh joy! Lots of exercise!
So it was, with a short & simple course applied to the race formula, but this time it was for the last 4 races & so giving us more race discards!
With the change in course the clouds had already arrived & cold felt, so these last 4 races went in a blur for most!
Well done to Steve W for a well deserved win!

My Thanks go to the race team of Steve W, John K, Dave M, Graham H, & others who helped out in making it a nice day!
See you all on the flip side!
Paul N (DF class captain)🖖

PS watch this space for info regarding DF95 racing in the near future!