DF 95 April 2019 Results and Report

Dragon Flite 95 Spring Series Race Report (April)


Well, the 6 DF95 skippers who attended their joint race day with the 6mts, were in for some pretty strong winds and gusts, which had been forecast to increase in strength from top end of force 3-4 to top end of force 4-5 throughout the race day!

Hopefully the skippers who arrived had at least three rigs available, (A-D) and knew from the very start that they would be using the “B” rig of choice for the first 2 races! So upon practice, as not many had used this rig before, and for our first of 2 races, with the control zone on the South bank, and quite cold conditions, off we went on the prepared “Olympic” Style course.

And “Yes” if you did not know it, DF95s “Plane” down wind and were a sight to behold, with Paul N 265 and Keith S 625 having tussles throughout the 2 laps of the first and 2nd races, with 265 eventually winning these first two races. It soon became apparent by our less experienced helms, how could they get in the mix of the front runners, and then wondered how they could do it!

With the 6mt skippers having seen what they had to cope with, and starting their 2 races, it gave the DF95s skippers time to work out if there rig had been set up ok, have a hot bevvy and a “tweak” or 2, then upon time to go, set out to see if the rig behaved the way they intended or not!

With our next 4 races to come, the conditions did not improve at all, with some skippers having un- intentional groundings on a lee shore before the start or whatever took the boats fancy. Instead Paul N 265 and Keith S 625 seemed to revel in these conditions, with both exchanging race lead positions during some laps and race, with 265 getting 4 race wins on the trot, Keith 2nds and David B 236 getting a 2nd on race 6.

Now was the time to change down to the “D” rig for our last 4 races of the day, frustrations for some in not having this “B” rig and fatigue creeping in from the racing pace for others, began to take its toll, with Chris W 16 having to stop for these. With the wind really began to rear up to the top end of force 5 at times for these races. Alan W 323 came a creditable 3rd on race 7, with 265 1st and 625 2nd.

Now came the “highlight” of the racing for Paul and Keith, as they realised that for races 8-10 they would be “Match Racing” each other for top spot, with Keith taking race 8 and Paul races 9-10, what an excellent way to finish the day “match racing” with these one design yachts!

Congratulations to Paul N 265 first, with a score of 8 points from 2 discards, Keith S 625  on 15 points and David B 326 on 23 points!

What a day!

Many thanks to our race team of David M, Richard and our Course Setter.

Paul N (deputy for DF95 class

See you all on the flip side!