DF 95 February 2019 Results and report



Depending upon where you lived, the drive was a foggy one for some of the DF95 and 6mt skippers. However, once arriving at the lake, sunny weather and a good S veering to SW breeze, promised both the DF95s and the 6mt skippers a fantastic joint days racing.

With experienced and less experienced 95 skippers on the start line, help and assistance was available to those who may need a tweak or two for hopefully, a “go faster” boat, together with guidance on the water to get them into the groove.

We were given the honour to start the first of 2 races for each class, followed then by 4 races and so on throughout the day. So, with the course set of 2 laps, start and finish marks, downwind gate and both windward marks set towards the south bank, our control zone held on the East Bank, the first of 2 initial races began.

From the off for these races, Keith S 625 showed how a well set up and good tactical prowess can give top results, with Paul N 265 trying to keep up.

With the 6mt now on the water, some skippers had decided to retune their 95s, hopefully the right way, with others either watching the 6mt races, or recieving some of the available help for their new or little raced DF95.

For our next 4 races on and 4 races off, those who had retuned hoped it was ok, or found it not to be the case, oh! Still, off we went, with yes you guessed it Keith S and Paul N battling it out, together with Martin S 234 and David B 236, getting nearer and nearer to some great scores.

With the DF95s now on our “Down” 4 stint, and with the 6mt on their 4 races, it gave everyone an opportunity to either watch them, check out the wind pressure areas, relax, tune again or have a chat to the other like minded skippers. Here, it showed how much a good idea this joint race day was offering, making it less tiring for some and condusive in getting to know each other in this newly formed class, linked to the 6mts.

Upon continuation of the races, we began see how close the racing had become, with a number of different skippers coming to the fore, namely Martin S who was sailing a DF95 for the “very first time” and commented on how easy they were to sail and very happy with his purchase, like we all are! Another newcomer to racing a 95 is Chris W 116, who showed some good results in the later races, having received some set up guidance by Keith, with race tactics down to his own skills!

Eventually, with a change in wind direction to the forecast SW, the course was reset and the control zone moved to the North platform until we finished our allotted races. Together with such a friendly environment, and with races that came and went, before we realised, it was time to either watch the last of the 6mt races or began to pack up our beloved 95s.

Please see the DF95 race results when available! (see above)

My thanks to all the DF95 and 6mt skippers, and also many thanks to the race team of Steve W, Keith S, John K, Barbara V and others!

See you on the flip side:- Paul Newman (deputy Class Captain)