DMBC DF65 Winter Championship January Edition REPORT and Results

DMBC DF65 Winter Championship January Edition REPORT
Early arrivals at the lake on Saturday were greeted with icy roads, frozen locks, a light mist and an
almost undetectable wind blowing from the opposite direction to that forecast. But almost
immediately the sun broke through, a gentle breeze established itself from the South and
temperatures started to rise.
Twelve boats lined up for the start, all sporting A+ rigs and ghosting across the lake in generally
consistent wind strengths, although sudden direction swings and mystery puffs were to be the main
feature of the day on the standard windward/leeward course.
It was one of those days where if you arrived at the first windward mark first and got a clean
rounding, you were generally away, while your pursuers tripped over each other in the chase.
Avoidance of tangles was at a premium and all helms had a share of near misses, horrid wind shifts
and the odd bump.
Most unlucky helm of the day went to Peter Cropper(181), he won three of the first four races, only
for all four races to be lost due to technical issues. It must be said that he accepted his misfortune
with very good grace, while all the other helms relished the chance to start with a clean sheet!
As the day continued, so the weather improved but the wind grew more fickle until it checked out at
about 14:30. This allowed time for nine new races to be sailed and Steve Watts(383) used his
experience to win four of them, with three second places, giving him a comfortable win overall. It
would have been closer with Peter if the first four races hadn’t been lost, but we shall never know.
Third to fifth places were very close, with each helm having their moment at the front, but lacking
the consistency of the first pair. Keith Simmons (825) found form late on with wins in races 5 & 8.
Dain O’Driscoll (63) hit the front in race 1, but seemed to struggle later as the breeze faded. It was
Kim Vasey’s turn to win in race 6, with a commanding lead.
Rob Gilbert (711) was performing well in the pack and was unlucky to lose an early win. Darren (485)
was new to RC racing, being used to sailing Enterprises out of Looe. He learned fast and showed
good speed, gaining a podium in race 3.
Chris White (116) and David Brooke (595) spent the day scrapping with each other and Alan Williams
(854), While Graeme Harris (143) and Matt Owen (46) both withdrew before completing half the
1 st Steve Watts 383 10 pts
2 nd Peter Cropper 181 17 pts
3 rd Keith Simons 825 19 pts
As always, we owe many thanks to John Kiff for his race management, assisted by Graeme Harris in
the later races. Graeme also had a major part in race and course management.
It was another really good days sailing in this affordable one-design class. Why not come along and
give it a go! I think I got a little sunburnt in January! KS