First 6M summer series results and report

Results of the first 6M summer series event. Well done to Steve for continuing his winning ways from the winter!

`  The opening Saturday for the 6,s made for a good day,s sailing judging by the lucky weather for all concerned ,We had not been too blessed with much good weather over the past Winter as most of you had experienced too.

Hopefully we can get a a good turn out in the class. This we did in fact .

This we did on the day . The wind was more or less on the top end for a A rig but our helms stuck with the larger suits and in most cases it bore fruit to do so . Before I start on the actual description of the racing . Some of our very noisy winged neighbours who last week decided to ruin the peace and quiet of the countryside during the previous week,s  IOM racing ,took up residence on their newly found nesting site on the North Bank smack in the very middle to the seat of the action .

With much trepidation Steve and I wondered if they would go into defence mode and attack us .Fortunately they initially cursed us only in `goose`speak`.After that   they  watched the racers with curiosity .

Despite these passive moments, Kevin Boyd,s #02 was pick out for some grief on two occasions as he tacked off the bank a yard away from the nest site .

The starter John Kiff got the boats away and they proceeded to race on the` triangular course`that was set by Steve . He had good success early on but his discards came to light just after his earlier line honors …

Dave Kent returned to the fold to sail Blue Moon in the fleet after several weeks up in  the mountains after testing Dyneema and carbines and his nerves no doubt whilst dangling off a Welsh mountain .Great to see him back with us  on the day .

One could see now that some near close racing would ensue and they did not disappoint us folks on the shore.

Morley Varker `another hired gun`now sailing JK,s Drisky  , was really making a great day of it and he was keeping up in the running in the top order . Tim Nicholas had a few issues with a rogue fitting hatch cover  even before he made the start line on race #1 .JK,s insulation tape came to the rescue .

Kevin Boyd with 02 also had a tech problem for a while but like all of the remaining fleet finished the day despite being in the lower order persisted in good order alongside Tim with their same boat designs  ..Peter Knightley in his own Drisky is making better progress right now . Steve W and Dave K were nip and tuck for most of the day and some near finishes were noted by the line crew and others .  Morley Varker on occasions spoiled the party for the potential leaders  and he got some consistent results that were highly commendable  . One race was unfortunately had to  abandoned.

A race restart was made and a critical   change to the finishing order of the previous race arose .

The high wind which stayed for the majority of the day   was often giving the downward legs some concern for some helms .The inevitable roll to the leeward mark was quite spectacular for some with desirable action  if control was made .

Closing this here brief report now but as a spectator it was most encouraging to see this fleet performing in good order .A thoroughly  great day at lakeside was had by all and the general good conduct during the competition was  most pleasing for everyone ..

Dave Morris