IOM Februrary Results and Report from Dave

This will be my first IOM report on our new DMBC Webpage . Our other Class Captains will follow suite no doubt.

The day ahead was going to be a bit of a challenge to say the least. Someone had decided to wreck their car on the over night ice delaying our preparations lakeside.

Our intrepid racers who later on  defied the conditions, quickly went into fast track rigging in no time at all .

As PRO, I had set our usual windward/leeward course out, but with a longer wing mark due to the wind angle in which to create a slightly longer course without making the top mark disappear into the rainy gloom. It worked out OK as we wanted to achieve the usual 16 races if we could . The other factor was we were not wanting  to cancel this race and once again defer to another week in which we loose our overall races in the `washup`.

Everyone chose to use `B`rigs, bar two who opted for `C`,s  The wind would play havoc with both setups on occasions but `B`rigs dominated the day .

Jerry Lock our Race Sec, was in the zone racing his Aqua designed boat  and lead for the majority of the races with Steve Watts with the remaining fleet, namely us, keeping the pressure on the leaders on occasions.  The wind was shifting so much if you were on the wrong side of one you were in the wrong place and suffered for it. Jerry read it better than most but that did not detract from others efforts to hunt him down.

Despite these efforts we all had a great day what with the constant and piercing rain that tested us and our water proofs and some  individuals were suffering from some footware failure . One or two dropped out finally due to some gear failure etc .

A corporate decision was made after our extended lunch break  to limit the races run to 12 as the weather was getting the better of all of the competitors who made the day possible. I would like to thank John Kiff the `Starter King ` with Jordan Hanley and Martin Smith who took on the task of recorders during the day.  Terry Brodie our  usual recorder was limited to his comedy spot in the `Shed Theatre` and to his photographic skills.  Jerry has published the IOM Race Results as you can see on our webpage . Thank you everyone who made the effort to keep our IOM racing on course .

Dave Morris Commodore DMBC