IOM June 2019 Results and report

A bright start to the day ensued but with the promise of the occasional shower and more importantly increasing wind strengths the race proceeded in earnest .
  We got very little rain as was forecast but some good solid gusts and the occasional lulls over the day’s racing made it self known .
 We had a reasonable entry that fared well for some good close racing and that is what we got.
 The course setting was on the far bank giving us a better distance to the windward mark in this fast class . Jerry and Graeme put together an ideal circuit that was only adjusted later on to maintain good racing .
 The lessening weed problem on that side did not impinge on one’s sailing in the main, bar one minor sighting on James’s fin later in the day but without due alarm to all .
The rig of the day quandary faced by all of the entrants was pretty clear from the outset   #2 bar one helm ,who whom I will not mention set up his #1 rig . The initial consequences were shown as he or should I say his boat,was last seen going `other places` except the true course to the windward mark . After the first 4 races rapid mods were made and normal service was resumed as soon as possible .
Today being no exception was going to be a tight competition and #15 aka  Jerry Lock with his Aqua made the initial running with some vigour .The fleet as always were in hot pursuit and not without the occasional incidents happening that were rectified smartly on the water .
The odd bit of tuning as usual had to be made by most helms as the conditions toughened up to maintain their presence in each race .
After a certain amount of time passed over time ,the wind had decided to change down its strength some so the greater majority decide to go for a #1 rig . This was optimistic in the main but it worked out OK for all .
 One or two boats decided to stay on the 2 rig throughout of the day’s racing .
In a lot of the races the #2 rig shone out on the upwind legs, but suffered a shade or two on occasions on the sled ride to the leeward mark . #37 managed to squeeze into the frame due to being under gunned but lost ground invariably to the fully canvassed yachts  . As the results show it was a tight affair but with various helms getting into the points gave everyone a good showing in this vibrant IOM class we pride ourselves with at DMBC .