IOM May 2019 Results and Report

It was a great day for the IOM racing as the weather was ideal  to us all who took part in it.  A bit fresh in parts but not as before during the bitter winter winds so we can look forward to our racing in better conditions ….

The wind angle, or should I say angles ,which once again did not go to our liking for setting a longer windward beat as one can set on the far bank of the lake, gave us yet  again the` short straw`of choices  . ..Graeme Harris, who is doing a great job of being one of our Course setting team duly set out to make the best of good thing with dropping the `cans` into place making for once again a short windward -leeward configuration .

Getting a longer windward beat element can be rather frustrating for all concerned and that includes the course setting persons who have to hope it works out fine for everyone . The wind direction in  itself threatened to  make a drastic shift of the known course but  thankfully no remedial action or  a disturbed lunch break  for Graeme occurred .

The `racers` themselves were at a good attendance level as one should expect with this class .In fact we had 13 initially .  There were a couple of our usual IOM members absent but no doubt they will be back shortly.

Before I go into a reasonable detail of the race itself , it was good to see our newcomers coming to the line i.e Rob Gilbert and Andrew Fulcher who I might add were not there for the numbers at all and especially Rob Gilbert who thoroughly enjoyed his time racing against the more experienced hands .

The lead boats as were as one would expect from the levels we have raised over the recent years were again in contention .

Several other helms made good progress against them by breaking up some winning sequences throughout the day . The order of winning was most interesting judging by the recent result sheet prepared and posted to you by John Kiff our RO on the day.

By the way it was good to see Richard Barton assisting  JK as our Recorder .He is developing into a very useful asset to our Club’s racing team, I might add .

Of our designated number of races namely 16 competitive races were completed on what was yet another fine day at the `office` for all .

We had a few `racing incidents` but they were resolved on the water with reasonable effect .. That is racing !!