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Dave Morris and I have had discussions recently about the continuation of the IOM Race officer Rota system. Many of those who have done it felt that it was worthwhile, but thought the ARO and particularly the Average points awarded was not really needed. With this in mind Dave has compiled a preliminary listing of helms who would appear to be suitable to take on the role of RO, however there are others but for reasons of distance travel etc**  have not as yet been placed on the listing.

The whole objective of the idea is for the Club to have a number of competent members to fill the RO role should the need arise. In the short term it means that we do not rely on the same people to run the racing and therefore allows everybody who wants to, to compete.

The list is as written by Dave and your comments about it are invited.


RALPH WELLER            –  NOVEMBER 2017

PAUL NEWMAN            –  DECEMBER 2017

JERRY LOCK                  –  JANUARY     2018

DAVE MORRIS               –  FEBRUARY 2018


NEIL HARVEY                –  APRIL   2018

–  MAY    2018

DAVE MORRIS              –  JUNE   2018

STEVE WATTS              –  JULY    2018




DAVE KENT                    –  ?


** I am sending this to you as an IOM sailor but I am well aware that some of you would not wish to be part of the listing, as there are elements of the RO role which would be unsuitable for you. Also some helms have not been considered as their individual knowledge at this time means that they would be somewhat thrown in at the deep end, which would be very unfair.  Therefore it is sent to all on an information basis. Any who would like to join the listing or comment please advise either myself or Dave – email dave–