IOM October results and report

The day surprisingly enough turned out well as the bad weather forecast held off ..The turn out was somewhat down probably due to the predicted weather .Still we had 6 entrants to make the day in the first race of the Winter Series for IOM’s .  John Kiff residing as the RO and Recorder .The audio recorder is a handy thing if one is short handed so the race positions were duly laid down for reference later on .
  It had looked ominous as far as anyone  would show up for our fast class but the task was taken up by all concerned  for what would be a fine day’s racing.
 The race course set up was prepared by Graeme Harris with a Windward Leeward setting that was angled away from the bank so the Observation platform was the control zone for all of the day’s racing .
Peter Cropper got off to a good start along with Graeme Harris’s Alternative to the fore with yours truly and Morley Varker in the close running  .
 It was nip and tuck on many races without too many contacts on each other and the occasional missing marks etc  .
The windward mark was down range to the competitors, so the turning mark away down range made for some close calls on all occasions .
 The wind shifts were in their  usual preponderance causing one to be on the wrong side of the pond on occasions  .But to others an advantage as we well know on occasions and made the most of it .
The turnaround of positions within the fleet as we know on our pond from the onset made it even a better contest .
 I must say JK handled the situation well on the starts with one or two culprits being asked to return to the start line .
In the main it was handled very well by all  .
Judging by the recent IOM  results posing  it was a close run thing which in real terms shows what standards are being reached by Club members . In fact I will say that some of us were even thinking about racing at Argal with the West Cornwall Club the next day  .. 4 of us made it down there and racing on open water made for a great weekend’s racing..
Dave Morris