IOM Saturday Series, July Edition Report

IOM Saturday Series, July Edition Report
Another typical “Summer” day on Dartmoor.
But an anything but typical race day, blessed by a generally steady breeze and lack of rain.
An adaptable windward-leeward course was set, with gates at both ends, a configuration that while keeping the fleet close together also allowed helms a chance to recover with a good decision at either rounding, likewise there was always a chance to squander a good lead!
The net effect was a lot of close, fun and sometimes stressful racing, which repeatedly saw all the yachts finishing within 30 seconds. Every helm had moments of glory, and on occasions infamy too!
By keeping the pace of race management up, a total of 20 races were held, everyone won a race, and the results really were so close that no one knew their finishing position until publication,
Dave Morris had two notable moments with the only successful port tack start of the day bringing him a clear win, as well as being half of a dead heat with Jerry Lock.
Morley Varker suddenly found form at the finish and was unlucky not to win the last three races on the bounce.
Peter Cropper won most races, but a group of poor finishes in the mid-teen races due to a Mainsheet issue, let his lead slip away to the eventual winner, Graeme Harris.
Ralph Weller was always in contention, but couldn’t find the consistency of the top two.Dain O’Driscoll also lacked consistency despite good speed.
It is hard to portray just how competitive the racing was, but the smallest slip, wrong decision at a gate or missed starts would cost four or five places…each of which proved costly in the final scores.
None of this could have happened without Barbara Varker speed writing results in her role a scorer….thank you!
I am sure that we are all looking forward to the next time!
Keith Simmons
Sailing Secretary