IOM Series October results and report

Hello all .
               The decision as always to race was carried out to the `T` by the IOM Fleet organisers .. We were most emphatic that as the IOM fleet members have the 3 prescribed rigs ,we race  .Graeme Harris had an untried #3 rig so it was a good chance to see it perform in the conditions on way or another .
 Knowing that the `weather` was going to blow an absolute  `hooley` a few helms  arrived to make the best of it .
        For a start all of the few entries launched their boats just to test the conditions and everyone was in total agreement that we actually race  .
  #3  was the rig of the day and anything else that was used ,whoa behold the envisaged damage if one tried to go larger .
. Getting a proper course set would of been somewhat fool hardy to most of you out there but we nearly convinced Graeme Harris to don his life jacket whilst we launched the `Green Meanie` for him to put the cans out in our newest acquisition for course setting, or in this case, a possible rescue mission ? It was not a good idea as one can gather .
               Obviously due to the white caps and 40 mph plus in the gusts we declined wholesale by just using  our existing yellow markers to get a resemblance of a decent track .
  To get a proper start line .? That was not so easy either as the high drift factor came into play as we,or should I say Jerry Lock relocated  a spar can  a few times  by literally slinging the thing against the wind and hoping for the best .
 Meanwhile the remaining members had a quick `cuppa` and braced themselves for the day’s racing  ahead . We had every intention to get in as many races completed  so we could have a respectable amount of discards to evaluate on the end of the day .Also to not having to re-run  on another day in which we do not have spare at all, what with the abandonment of last week’s 6 metre event that has to have another slot .
              Now the racing itself was fast and furious .No holds barred but with a very small amount of collisions that were spotted apart from the tight situation on the start line proper. Everyone were aware of any unnecessary hard  contacts would do untold damage and ruin the day .  The windward mark had an issue or two though .
 John Kiff  had the pleasure of getting things going and Terry Brodie who by the way videoed some races recorded the event . Hopefully we can see this on Terry’s Club  FB page for all to see and wonder shortly .
 Jerry Lock and Graeme Harris initially dominated the racing but were followed in close order on occasions by myself and Morley Varker with the `Yellow Banana`
           The windward leg was quite a challenge but I daresay all all of the boats coped greatly with the wind and lop which  ran all day for us all .
 The long downwind legs were to say the least most spectacular..Several times all one could see was the top of the rigs as the fleet charged down to the leeward mark often in close company or otherwise if things went totally wrong with an unwanted involuntary  90 -180 degree turn that often messed up a position .This was the order of the day .
          Jerry Lock who was going well,had a problem with a shroud line on his Aqua that parted company from his deck which stopped his day’s racing in the latter part of the event .Morley also dropped out with a jib problem leaving myself and Graeme to finish the remaining races open to us .Graeme finished off what he had started and kept on winning to the end ..
           Thankfully we got through our intended races with all concerned playing their part in the proceedings to what was a wonderful day of racing ..The rain thankfully never ever interrupted our efforts despite the awful forecast given to us prior to the day .Everyone who took part thoroughly enjoyed day apart from many occasions being literally blown off one’s feet. Thanks again to John and Terry for staying the course in the heavy conditions ..
Dave Morris