IOM Winter Series December 2018

Hello all you IOM helms and more
                  The `Xmas Edition` of the IOM class boats racing  was held after a previous date was cancelled due to some weather that put paid to our on going race schedules for this year .
  The response from the members was second to none  despite several of our IOM class racers were otherwise disposed in some far flung parts of the country. Or dare I mention it …shopping ?
  The weather in the early morning looked rather daunting to say the least as I drove to pick up Richard Wills at the Cremyll Ferry  who was on the race course organising party plus racing within the fleet .
 Luckily the sun actually came out and the rain finally subsided to make what was  a very pleasant day to be up on the moors to race our boats .
 Richard set a course on the far bank as the wind despite its usual fickle nature, held up on that side of the pond  for the majority of the day .
 . The Race course setting is our  number one priority for good racing or it becomes a farce .We do not organise farces despite it being Xmas or the pantomime season .
There was a twist in the course setting as a Starboard mark was thrown in for good measure to make the fleet think some . The wind held up for the greater part of the day making for some tight racing without any serious issues occurring .
   Before I go into the actual race itself, I would like to thank Martin Smith for volunteering to be  the Race starter of the Day and Recorder . I can say for all of us if I may, it was a welcome gesture in which all of you were wholly  satisfied with on the day . Barb Varker assisted later on in the proceedings came in as our Recorder while Martin managed the racing .
 A lot of good things came out of this and we will no doubt lay down some new systems for next season .It will include JK of course .
 The amount of boats warranted a long line to prevent any chaos that might  occur .In fact it was a very quiet day with no recalls required by Martin, bar one or two good calls to  over the line boats who promptly complied to restart in a proper manner .
 It was a day of changing fortunes for many but Commodore Tom Eaves put together a couple of good ones to stay in contention until a shroud broke and  a technical time out was taken to mend the item .Good to see Keith Simmons back with the IOM fleet this time out along with Dain O ‘Driscoll . Dom and Jordan Hanley arrived to race some time later on . 
Dom had a couple of races with his new Aqua and retired early as Jordan’s boat did not make the line due to a technical issue .They both said they would do their up most to race their IOM’s with us on a more regular basis than of late . Myself I had an atrocious day what with extended problems with my main winch and too many visitations to the shoreside bushes  but that did not retract from the efforts of you the other helms who made a grand day of it .
Despite some of our other top helms being absent it was very competitive to say the least and the day continued on with good intent  right up until the very last race  . Graeme Harris by the way showed some good promise earlier on too until later on when  the strength of Tom’s gift of too many mince pies took its  toll on Graeme as he missed one mark that was duly noticed by ALL of the concerned participants who wondered where the He.. did he come from to be at the front ..
The guilty party resolved it by retreating sheepishly toward the back of the fleet .
As to the results ? They shall be known shortly as Jerry lock is away `up country` so they will be published very soon on the webpage etc 
Thanks to everyone who made the effort to race and to the line team .   Dave  ( Vice Comm.) Happy Xmas to you all !!