IOM Winter series March Report and Results

` The day was somewhat challenging yet again .An understatement no less .The last vestiges of the awful  weather had decided not to leave us for our efforts whatsoever leaving us to cope with some torrential rain and low viz that gave the course setting many problems . 

The wind started of ideal for a `B`rig  set up but not entirely  ideal as it was angled across the lake making the windward mark a tough call to see and make .With the added rain which most certainly having a heavy influence on the track everyone soldiered on regardless. 

Dartmoor can ,as we all know through its best and worse weather ,can throw  at us over the seasons was on form . 

Our normal Windward leeward configuration was set up by Steve and Paul  primarily to the visibility factors .


As to the competitors  themselves ? 7 Entrants  being the initial number ,who made the effort to race were very much keen to get on with the racing . 

This being the last of the IOM Winter Series places were up for grabs in the running up spots so it was going to be a hard fought event .

Graeme Harris who stood in for John Kiff our usual starter for a while until John made the line  was excellent to say the least with his line calls  . 


Jerry Lock and Paul Newman both were vying for the win places with Richard Wills in hot pursuit for the majority of the day .By lunch time the wind that was destined to change ,did its worse and gave the RO some dinghy time and paddling practice  .The control zone had by now been moved from the flanks to our raised platform giving us a better visual all over the lake . The close racing that was very eminent over the day gave the race control with very little incidents to report ,were the order of the day and with no contentious complaints arising .

We sadly had an incident that made one of our best competitors drop out along with two others who assisted him in returning home etc leaving  a smaller number to finish the days racing  .We wish Paul a speedy recovery  and a quick return to Club activities a soon as possible .


Keith Simmons ,Jerry Lock and Richard Wills were head to head on the last remaining races to pick up the vital points at the end of the day . 

The final IOM Winter results will be issued shortly and the series prize giving will be shortly held at the Club .


Dave ,  Commodore DMBC