IOM Winter Series March Results and Report

The weather forecast for the Saturday  for our IOM racing  look somewhat daunting for the entrants with one or two having second thoughts to turn up at all .But as is the case at DMBC  we had a wonderful turnout in what would be an exciting day at the races …. The rig of the day was firmly decided after some mutterings and wide discussions to the merit of a #1 rig in the lulls  .That idea was duly quashed as the envisaged wind came to the fore ..#2 rig prevailed with one or two #3 rigs quietly in the back ground being set up.

The course setting was a bit on the short side of the lake giving some thought as to a windward leeward one. But that had to be modified as the run off area on the leeward end had no realistic room to manoeuvre if one got it wrong.

So Richard Wills once again made a trapezoidal configuration that expanded our limited windward beat. Plus an extended wing mark to get better separation after the windward mark ….Hopefully. Any way after the briefing in which we had 11 boats entered. John Kiff assisted by Martin Smith got the day rolling smartly away in what would be an incident packed day.

In Race one ,#37 blazed away with an unassailable lead to the finish to open the account .After that episode some severe damage occurred with another boat which left #37 out of the next 3 races leaving the top guns to fight it out after getting their very own boats into good shape..

Jerry Lock, dare I say, had a horrid time with his Aqua #15 boat as some electrical faults played a big part in his retirement after some unguided lakeside wanderings came to the fore. Jerry normally up in the top echelons now took over the recorders job from Martin Smith .We thank them both for their valued input. Steve Watts and Peter Cropper and Graeme Harries along with Richard Wills vied for the winning slots over most of the day with Peter Knightley getting into the chocolates on one occasion until some problems arose later on during the morning races and he had to retire.

Number 37 returned to the fray and stayed in the middle order until a second place was grabbed away from the leading points scorers at the end.

Going back to the high wind strength and the usual toll it can take on our competitors, the boats despite the occasional hitch to gear etc the fleet numbers held up to the last races run .This is most encouraging as our helms are keeping a tight rein on their  individual craft to stay in the day’s racing .Many times before over the years on Dartmoor we have had a high attrition rate of gear failure due to the  powerful winds and conditions Dartmoor itself can throw at us ..  All bodes well for furthering and maintaining the fleet numbers in this class of yacht here in our Club .We, no doubt will see more of our helms returning to the fray shortly to expand the series this year.

One small pointer here I would like to mention if I may, is the new Club’s Start Radio kit which JK had recently acquired for our race starts.

The clarity is wonderful along with increased wattage output after our old one we have that had served us well over the past decade and the newer facets like the remote ease the working of it to say the least.


Thank you all for racing on Saturday in the IOM fleet and I will see you shortly for the DF65 event .Dave