Covid Friendly racing trial.
Six IOMs competed in a friendly two hour race session to test the feasibility of racing whils maintaining safe distancing.
I am pleased to say that the session went well and lead to the following conclusions:
It is possible to hold a meaningful race whilst competitors keep a safe distance.
Six boats were easily accommodated, and it was felt that increasing to eight was feasible.
It is possible to fit 12 races into a two hour session.
As a result of this successful trial, I am working on a new racing programme to take us into the winter.
One remaining trail is to test the possibility of the responsibility of RO passing from competitor to competitor as each race progresses. Otherwise we are going to need more members to step up for race management duties.
The Results –
Some really fun racing in which both boats and helms took a little while to refind their racing rhythms. It was also a day of rapidly changing wind strengths in which it was rare for an “A” or “B” to be the right choice for a whole race!
Congratulations to Doug for coming out on top of a mixed up set of results!
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